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How to open a coffee shop: approximate calculations

A coffee house can be opened by almost any entrepreneur who can make more efforts to improve the work and prosperity of the business. Usually, all those who open such places do not stop at what they have achieved: they open additional coffee houses, organize a network and get huge profits.

The coffee house is connected to the public power network, which means that it will take more effort to open. But after a little work, you can safely collect the fruits of your labors. Let us consider how to open a coffee house to a novice entrepreneur: where to start and how to finish.

Documents for opening a business
First, let’s look at what you need to open a cafe. The legal question is the most important. If it can not be solved, then no coffee shop will not work. Before opening a coffee house, you should first arrange it and register as a private entrepreneur or LLC. It is worth noting that a limited liability company can sell alcoholic beverages, so if this is planned, then it is worth choosing this form of activity. The main list of documents includes a variety of papers and contracts concluded with the CPS, SES, fire authorities, insurance agencies, security companies and others.

Do not forget about the mandatory choice of tax treatment, which differ in some nuances. To clarify them, it is better to contact the tax inspectorate, where they can explain everything in detail and help them choose.

The choice of premises for coffee
Cafe in the mall

In any business, the room plays a fairly significant role, and even more so when it comes to food and leisure. It is necessary to immediately determine the place where the new coffee house will be located. It should be in the center of a populated area, next to large companies of the city or the university, then new customers will find it much faster, which means business will only flourish.

For the premises, you can choose almost any building in the right place. Quite often, entrepreneurs open coffee shops in shopping centers, on the first floors of large business centers or fitness clubs. It is not necessary to immediately open a large coffee house. In order to try yourself in this business, it is better to first learn how to manage a small coffee shop. The principle of organization is the same, only you have to pay less for rent and hire less staff.

In a small town you should try to open a coffee shop in the center, let your cafe be different from others, think up your chip, then customers will be pulled. If you plan to open a coffee shop in a big city, then it is better not to meddle in the center, there are your own “sharks”, networkers who will not allow a starting business to develop. It is better to pay attention to the sleeping areas.

If a summer terrace is supposed to open, then you need to think about this point in advance, since not every building allows you to arrange furniture outside, and you also need to get additional documents from the architectural bureau.

Staff recruitment
Easier to teach a person the art of coffee making

At the first stage, an entrepreneur can hire only the necessary personnel who will ensure the development of a coffee house. Then you can reorganize it and include new personnel.

The most important person in the coffee shop is the manager, who will do all the work. You should not save on his salary, as he will deal with all the papers and clients, so he should be interested in business development. Sometimes managers do their jobs so well that instead of regular wages they get a percentage of the profits from the entire business.

It is worth paying special attention to the selection of waiters, who often do not linger on this job. To ensure a stable staff, it is worth showing employees that their career growth depends only on them, they can achieve any positions and salaries.

One of the main people in the coffee shop – barista. It is rather strange, but it is on him that one can save money, since the main thing is not to find the most experienced worker, but a person to whom it is interesting and willing to learn this art. Now there are many courses, so that a beginner barista can improve his skills and raise the level of a coffee shop.

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