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How to open a successful restaurant

Some people think that to have your own restaurant and keep it afloat is not at all difficult, it is enough to get only a high-class chef, and the trick is in the bag. Far from it, far from it. There are many nuances that play a huge role in the success of the restaurant, and their failure to comply does not compensate for the presence of even the most talented chef. In order to dispel some misconceptions about running a restaurant business, let us consider the most important aspects, without which the very idea of ​​opening a restaurant can already be considered a failure.

Where to start?
First you need to find out where you can get the right, and most importantly, a suitable site. Very often, the location of the restaurant plays a significant role in its concept. If the room is located in the center, then this idea is not always successful for opening a restaurant with exquisite and expensive cuisine. Here, rather, a simpler type of restaurant that has made bets on turnover will go well.

The fame of the restaurant makes itself felt only for 3-5 years. Therefore, during this time it is necessary to gain experience in the service sector and learn to retain customers. Experienced restaurateurs have the opinion that if a client visits a restaurant for the third time, then this can already be considered a success.

Desires must match the possibilities
Take an analysis of the market, and then their capabilities. If you want your kitchen to be unconventional, then there is already a problem with finding the chef himself. Firstly, without a translator, the work will be quite problematic, and who will guarantee that the chef you hire really holds this title, and did not work anywhere in the best cases as a simple dishwasher or cleaner in your area?

As for the demand for the market, any kitchen today has enough demand. In addition, if your restaurant is visited by a foreigner who knows his cuisine, one of his dissatisfactions will suffice to crash the restaurant. But with local dishes like this you can not be afraid of, foreigners try them with great pleasure. And if they do not like something, domestic consumers are unlikely to somehow react. You never know what they may not like in our kitchen? They do not understand anything about it!

Quality equipment and furnishings
You can not save on equipment and furnishings

When it comes to purchases and equipment arrangements, it is best to use the help of technologists. Usually their help is offered by the architects of the entire project. But there is an opinion that in this matter the choice of the chef is also decisive.

Also, do not save on furniture, dishes, decorations in the main hall. Plays a role every little thing. Therefore, trust trusted and serious suppliers. If you do not want to think in details about the design of the room and the concept of the restaurant, you can use the turnkey restaurant service to embody the idea from scratch.

Chef and his assistants
Specialized agencies help find the best chefs. Foreigner chefs provide a compensation package. With him, he has the right to go home to his family a couple of times a year, and, of course, to provide good housing near his work.

The number of assistant chefs depends on the number of places in the institution. For example, there may be 20 kitchen workers in 100 places. Typically, the schedule involves work on 10 people in one shift.

The rest of the staff is usually hired by the director himself. Every good restaurant must be the chief administrator, manager, bartenders and security. Waiters and technicians are usually hired through an agency or ad.

Restaurant menu design – the main nuances
Meals with a low percentage of calories are not very popular in our area. Mostly they are guided by women, who constitute 35% of those who visit restaurants. Therefore, the menu should include balanced dishes and exclude those that are not in high demand. Ideally, the menu of an average restaurant usually contains at least 6 meat dishes, 6 fish dishes and 4 from poultry meat.

Why do you need a bar
The presence of the bar gives up to 40% of daily earnings. Bar patrons can not pass by and therefore prefer to be served an order right behind the bar.

Typically, visitors to the restaurant are lonely people, visiting restaurants, they must feel the atmosphere of warmth, family, pub. This is the main difference between a restaurant and a typical coffee shop, where the main goal is to saturate visitors.

In the end, what is the main component of the restaurant? You will not be blamed for the absence of any dishes listed in the menu, and even willing to forgive the absence of any frills, but you will not be forgiven if the attitude towards the visitor is incorrect.

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