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How to open a recruitment agency

The success of any business directly depends on the qualifications and competence of its employees. And to find a highly qualified specialist is sometimes very difficult. Large companies are willing to pay substantial money for a truly competent employee. Therefore, a business in the form of a recruitment agency is quite a profitable business.Do not be afraid of competition. Demand in this area always exceeds supply. Let’s better understand how to open a recruitment agency.

Before you create your business, you must familiarize yourself with all the nuances of this niche. Deciding on a specialization, an entrepreneur chooses an agency concept. There are quite a few organizations offering recruitment services, and all of them are divided into several types.

Employment Agency
Such organizations are engaged in the provision of information about vacancies. As a rule, recruitment agency is not engaged in the employment of citizens. Organization services are paid from the pocket of applicants. Payment is deducted from the first wage. The activity of such a company is aimed at collecting information about vacancies in the city and beyond.

Recruitment agency
The company acts on behalf of the employer. Her services are paid by the organization, who requested to pick up staff. In this case, the price of work will be about three employee salaries.

Headhunting companies
Such an organization specializes in finding only highly qualified specialists. They can lure employees from one company to another. For their services receive a very good fee.

Specialized Agencies
Such organizations are engaged in the search for highly specialized specialists. For example, secretaries, cooks, babysitters. Before opening this type of business, it is necessary to analyze the labor market and understand which specific specialties are currently in demand. In an industrial city, most likely, there will be a shortage of working specialties, such as an electrician and a welder. In any case, we need professional knowledge in the chosen direction.

Recruiting companies
Combine recruitment and placement agencies. They collect information about applicants, compiling their own database, and when they contact the employer they select the appropriate specialist. If the database does not contain the right person, the search goes to the pages of newspapers or websites on the Internet. This is the most suitable option for those who want to create their own business in this area.

In addition to such organizations, you can create a company for the selection of temporary staff for a certain period of time.

Analysts believe that despite such a large number of agencies, recruitment companies are not enough. The market economy is based on supply and demand. And in this case, the former exceeds the latter. In such a business, you need to have a grip and accumulate experience. To get a substantial profit, you need to take quality, not quantity, otherwise the competence of employees may be in doubt.

The recruitment agency provides search and selection services. The cheapest and best option for employers is the selection of a resume. The company reviews candidates according to standard parameters and selects the best option for the employer. However, this method is not suitable if the employer wants to get a highly qualified specialist.

In addition to providing hiring services, the recruitment agency provides training services and advanced training courses. This will be required later when the employee is transferred to a higher position.

Agency opening
Even an avid entrepreneur will not be able to tell step by step how to open this or that business. Basically everything is done spontaneously. This is primarily due to the improper work of state structures. And saving time, the entrepreneur can do other things, postponing the campaign in the instance for later. Mostly successful entrepreneurs do that.

Before opening an organization, a person must register a company with the Internal Revenue Service and extrabudgetary funds. In addition, for registration you need to pay a state fee. Then you need to open your own account in a financial institution. Expense operation also becomes a tax on property, profits, VAT.

In order to properly conduct business, an entrepreneur needs to rent a room in a territory where there is a large flow of people. For a recruitment agency, a small office of 15–39 squares is sufficient. There should be several rooms in the room.
The interior should be calm and unobtrusive, but at the same time distinguish your institution from another.
Take care to create the original logo.
It is necessary to purchase or rent office furniture, office equipment and a computer.

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