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What you need to open a car park

Due to the growing number of car enthusiasts among Russians, the parking business is becoming increasingly popular. It is also attractive due to the fact that parking makes a high profit and pays off in the shortest possible time. The demand for the service is beyond doubt: the demand for parking spaces still exceeds their number. For those who plan to start a business in this niche, you need not only to find out what you need to open a parking lot, but also to feel the specifics of this business.

Varieties of parking lots
Parking is distinguished by the following criteria:
Location (above or below ground)
Floors (one or more floors).
Openness (the presence or absence of the roof and walls).
Openings are considered to be parking, for which for the most part of the perimeter there are no walls and roofs. They are the most simple and very popular because of their low cost, quickly designed and built, can be located almost anywhere. Covered parking has a higher cost of parking spaces, however, they protect cars from dust and weather.

It is open and closed parking, equipped on one level and located on the surface of the earth, the most accessible to small entrepreneurs. The construction of multi-level or underground parking requires huge funds inaccessible to individuals.

Outdoor parking as the most affordable option is most attractive for small businesses. The standard format is a hundred places, located on the territory of 2.5 thousand square meters. The discovery begins with the search for the optimal plot of land, then it is necessary to obtain permits from various authorities, after which – to conclude a lease agreement for several years in advance.

Search and design of the territory
Do not expect to receive the territory near the station, market or other uniquely profitable place. Most of them have long been busy or will cost too much. The best option for the location of parking is a free area in a developing, but already quite densely populated residential area. An important factor is the lack of competing parking lots in the immediate vicinity.

When a place is found, it is necessary to obtain permits from the municipal authorities, consumer supervisory authority and utilities. To increase the chance of obtaining permission, you need to take care of the technical and commercial substantiation of your business in advance. Among other things, in the future this will simplify the task of drawing up a business plan. The justification should take into account such requirements as the minimum distance from residential buildings, mandatory hiring of guards, fire safety, mandatory installation of fencing, having a contract with a garbage collector, etc.

Site arrangement
Arrangement of parking begins with the summing up of communications and the construction of fences around the perimeter. At the entrance should be a control point with a barrier for the location of the guard. The post should be insulated and comfortable, there should be windows through which you can view the entire parking lot and access roads. It is advisable to install cameras throughout the parking area: they will help identify the causes of car damage, detected by drivers.

Note! If cars are parked around the clock, you need coverage area. Asphalt must be covered with a solution that prevents the absorption of gasoline and other oil derivatives into it.
Advertise parking must begin before it begins to work in order to get a stream of customers on the first day. Leaflets, business cards, ads on nearby houses will be suitable as advertising materials. In any advertisement you need to specify the exact location of the parking lot, as well as the prices for car placement.

Financial questions
Financial issues Obtaining all necessary permits will cost 5 thousand dollars, the monthly fee for using the territory will be about 4 thousand. Installation of the control point will cost about 2 thousand dollars, and the fence – 100-200 dollars. for each module. The monthly salary of security guards (6 people required) will be from 3 thousand dollars. Additional costs may arise due to the need for asphalting.

All prices are set by the owner of the parking lot on your own. You can assign different prices for different places, depending on their convenience. The expected income will range from 100 to 500 p. per day for one place, with one hundred percent filling in the parking lot, the revenue can reach 30 thousand rubles. To obtain additional income, you can offer pumping wheels, cleaning the salons or warming up cars in the winter.

Parking – profitable and relevant business. In Moscow or St. Petersburg, it will pay off in about a year, in the regions a faster payback is possible. Before opening the parking lot it is especially important to choose the right place and arrange all the necessary papers.

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