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How to open a law firm

In our time, universities produce a large number of lawyers. But in the labor market there are not too many job offers for lawyers. In addition, low salaries are usually offered, although the profession is considered prestigious.

Many lawyers who are tired of working for someone think about how to open a law firm. The cost of such a business is not very large, since it is about providing services, so to speak, of an intellectual nature. Therefore, its own law firm is quite an attractive business for lawyers. The article will discuss the opening of a law firm, when the initial capital is limited, and it is not possible to immediately open a large company with many departments, employees and a wide range of services.

Anyone can open such a company, not necessarily a lawyer. Although, due to the nature of the business, it will be easier to do it to a person with a law degree. To open such a business, a license is not required (although the status of a lawyer is required to provide criminal justice services).

Activities can be carried out both by an individual entrepreneur and by an organization. The best option would be a limited liability company. At least, in the eyes of clients, you will look more solid than if you acted as a PI. If you are going to open a business together with another person, then, all the more, you should open an LLC.

If you are planning a fairly wide business with rental premises, several employees, etc., then the best option with taxation is a simplified payment system with the object “income minus expenses” and a rate of 15%. If there are not so many expenses (for example, you have decided to render services only personally and without renting the premises), then you should choose a rate of 6%.

In the application for registration, OKVED 74.1 should be indicated as the main one: “Legal activities …”.

Types of services that are in demand
It is not enough just to open a company and start providing all legal services in a row. First you need toof services that you will provide. You need to be well aware of who he is, your client. From this depends on the development strategy of the company.

It is necessary to focus on what is beneficial and what you can do particularly well. Moreover, if you decide to act so far alone, then all the more you should not be torn between different types of services. Expand the list of services you need gradually.

Usually all law firms provide services for registration of individual entrepreneurs and organizations, their re-registration and liquidation. There are even firms that specialize in this. This service is quite demanded, for its provision does not need a special qualification. But we do not recommend that you focus on this type of service, as the competition is very tough. Let registration services be only one of the types of services.

Drawing up of documents and representation of interests in court is also a demanded and widespread service. Emphasis on it can be those who act alone. Gradually, by winning processes, earn a name for yourself.

Do not take everything for money
Note! We would not recommend you to take on all court cases in a row for money. Sometimes it happens that the case is obviously losing and you cannot influence the outcome. It is better to refrain from such orders, because in the end your process will lose the process.
In this case it is necessary to determine the scope of activities. First of all – arbitration or general jurisdiction. And then choose an even narrower sphere. For example, you have experience in housing, family and labor disputes. In this case, it is precisely such disputes that should be emphasized.

Subscriber services to legal entities in recent times is gaining momentum. This requires a sufficiently large qualification of specialists, so the competition here is not very large. If you open a company with an office and several employees, then it is time to engage in the provision of such services. Your client will be small and medium business, since big business uses the services of large consulting companies.

In addition, collection services have recently become a demand. But to render them you need to have some experience in this area.

You can expand the list of services as the company develops. It can be expanded at the expense of partners – auditors, realtors, criminal lawyers, etc.

The best option to start with is to start a business with a partner, without employees. To pay salaries to employees will take a lot of money. Of course, you can hire a student, but you want the services to be of good quality? In addition, an employee is unknown and he will not care about the reputation of the company.

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