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Logo, letterheads, business cards and other envelopes – so often imagine the corporate identity of a company that orders similar designs from different agencies and studios.

Having heard the word “Identity”, many do not understand what it means, and the developers start citing as an example a logo, business cards, letterheads and a brand book.

In fact, identity and corporate identity are several different things.

What are their similarities and differences? What are they needed for?

Let’s start with the clear.
Corporate identity is a collection of recognizable graphic, color and other techniques that express the uniqueness of a brand or company, convey its style and distinguish it from others in the market.

What is included in the corporate identity?
color spectrum;
logo / trademark;
gamma of fonts;
arrangement of elements on carriers, layout features;
corporate character (mascot).

Thus, corporate identity is the stylistic personality that recognizes your brand / company. In essence, these are clothes, sheath, display standards.

The more corporate style is original, modern and conveys your idea, the better it will be recognized in the market and will help your consumer to easily and quickly identify your product or service.

Identity is much broader. In addition to corporate identity, it includes the general idea of ​​the brand, values ​​and goals, corresponding to the business strategy.

Identity is often referred to as corporate identity (from the agn. “Identity”).

It is identity that allows you to create a brand image in the consumer’s mind, complementing the stylistic standards with ideological and using visual images to convey the brand’s philosophy.

Form style
Logo / Trademark
Color spectrum
Gamma fonts
Location of objects on the main carriers and layout features
Corporate character (if any)
Brand name
General brand idea
Values ​​and mission
Key messages
Service Standards
When do I need an identity?
Identity development is definitely needed by new businesses, especially those that are ready to start quickly, want to be immediately remembered by their client and separate from their competitors.

For companies that have been on the market for a long time, an identity will be needed in several cases.

it was not developed before and it is necessary to streamline and focus all visual and ideological elements.

it is necessary to bring visual and ideological standards in line with the realities without radical changes, when the core values ​​of the business remain the same

the company is ready to reach a new level in its industry and changes its positioning

the company is preparing to enter new markets

What tasks does the identity solve?
brand recognition

visual and ideological detuning from competitors

creating a complete brand / company image

customer loyalty

increasing the effectiveness of communication programs and promotion

long-term sales increase

How is the identity being developed?
Before proceeding with the development, an important preparatory stage is needed – market analysis and audit of what is currently happening in the company. This allows you to determine the current position of the brand / company in the market compared with competitors, strengths and weaknesses of the brand and its competitors, to determine the positioning and growth points. Many try to skip this stage, thinking that they all know about their company and competitors. However, when information is gathered into a single picture, weaknesses that need to be corrected, growth points and prospects for further development immediately become apparent.

The result of this stage is the development of the concept of positioning (or a clear focus of the existing one) and the platform of the brand, which will become the basis for all further steps.

Development of the company name (naming) and slogan. It seems that it is very easy to invent. But the name must be unique and protectable, and the slogan briefly and succinctly convey the basic essence and unique offer of the company.
Logo design – creating a visual sign that displays the brand and translates its core values. The mark must also be original and protectable.
Corporate identity development – creating visual and other standards for various media
Corporate character (mascot) – it is not always needed, but for a number of brands it is simply necessary. Remember the Mishelin character or grandmother from Domik in the village. Sometimes you can attract famous characters – an example of Cat Matroskin from Prostokvashino and other characters from this cartoon.
Brand book development – this serious document contains complete information about the brand, its philosophy, mission, name, logo and slogan, brand legend, corporate style standards, rules for designing advertising materials and much more. This is an internal document of the company that is a guideline for further action. It is not secret, but it is not needed by the end user. He needs the company itself and everyone it attracts to work with the brand – design studios, advertising agencies.

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