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How to open a vending business

Often, young entrepreneurs to the last choose between several activities. Before opening any enterprise, you should carefully analyze the situation on the market, weigh all the pros and cons and calculate the possible risks.

Recently, the vending business is gaining more popularity. In the modern world, this is not surprising. In the century when new technologies appear every day, the automated sale of goods is perceived quite naturally.

What is vending?
Vending is the automated sale of goods and services. You can sell almost anything you want through automatic machines. Today, many countries have already switched to vending trade. In Russia you can find a lot of vending machines selling books, CDs, newspapers, toys, chocolate or snacks, drinks. No less common are terminals for payment of services (telephone, Internet, bank and tax payments). To date, there are about fifty thousand devices operating in the country.

Conventionally, the vending business can be divided into three areas:
sale of food;
sale of consumer goods;
sale of services.
Tips on organizing a vending business
Tips on organizing a vending business It is very important to correctly determine the direction of business in the very early stages. Further planning will depend on this. Only after selecting an industry for work can one begin to look for suppliers, choose places for the installation of apparatuses and calculate the amount of start-up capital. Success depends on the chosen location of the device. It is important to understand that there will be different categories of potential buyers in shopping centers, office buildings, parks, clubs or train stations.

As practice shows, in clubs it is best to install machines with soft drinks, coffee terminals will be successful in office and office buildings, and books, newspapers and magazines will be sold excellently at airports and train stations. However, from every rule there are exceptions.

When installing a vending machine, you should analyze the machines of competitors. The task of the owner – to attract the buyer to him. This can be done with an interesting price or special offers. Sometimes bright, colorful advertising works well.

Area rental
The area for the installation of the device is not easy to find. As a rule, a tenant needs only one square meter. It is not very profitable for individuals to rent such an area. Not all government agencies have the right to lease their space to third parties. The best option is to rent in large office centers and educational institutions. There is a large cross-country capacity, and therefore a large number of potential buyers.

Vending machine
At the initial stage, it is better to install at least three automata at different points. It is when using three machines reduces the cost of maintenance costs of each separately. Consumables can be purchased in large volumes, and transport costs will decrease slightly.

The optimal number of points of sales is ten. It is this number of devices will allow to reach self-sufficiency through a short period of time.

The machines themselves can be redeemed or rented. Today, the market offers a large selection of vending machines, differing in price and quality. A good option to save at the initial stage of business is to buy a supported device. Popular schemes for the acquisition of machines under a leasing agreement.

When buying a device, you need to pay attention to the availability of a full package of documents. It includes a certificate of conformity, an operator’s manual, as well as drivers and necessary for the program to work.

Note! When buying, you should clarify the order of repair of the machine. As a rule, the repair service and maintenance is engaged in customer service. But the timing for reviewing and troubleshooting different companies may vary.
Legislative basis
To date, the vending business has not been allocated in the OKVED codes. That is why entrepreneurs can apply different codes, choosing them based on the specifics of the goods sold.

When filling out the documents, detailed advice can be given by tax service officers. To avoid problems when submitting reports, this issue should be solved at an early stage.

The second controversial issue is the use of cash registers. At the moment, the tax authorities are allowed to use reports of non-recoverable meters installed in vending machines.

Any aspiring entrepreneur tries to calculate the return on business before opening a business. To do this, calculate the average number of customers per hour / day / month. Based on this calculated the average amount of revenue.

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