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Today, most brands have their own websites. Therefore, after the approval of naming is extremely desirable to urgently register domain names. You need to provide a second line of defense. A self-respecting developer will definitely check if consonant domains in the main domain zones are free. In addition to the main domain, you need to take care of protection from a possible negative. Suppose your future brand consists of two words. You will register only one domain name. And bring the brand to the market. After some time, you will be surprised to find that the 18+ site is located on the domain with hyphenation and users periodically get there. Do you need such a neighborhood? How will it affect your brand?

A case from practice – in the late 90s, Internet providers tried to protect their domain names in the main domain zones – ru and com. Once the support service of the provider MTU-Inform accidentally discovered a very spicy website with a similar name in the domain zone net. This created a huge reputational risk at the stage of launching an Internet access product for individuals. It took considerable effort to close the wrong site and buy the domain name. After this case, the registration of domain names in the maximum number of options was adopted at the policy level.
It is advisable to immediately register all possible spellings – with and without a hyphen, abbreviated and complete, in different domain zones.
How much is enough? As a rule, a minimum of 3-5 additional domain names is obtained. Next you can do the redirection. In this case, your clients in most cases will get to your main site.

If the main domain name you need is taken, this is a reason to think. If it is not possible to obtain this domain, you will have to wait until the registration of the trademark is completed, and then defend your rights in court. Or redeem the right domain for the price that the owner assigns.

Domain names – additional protection of the territory of your future brand in the Internet space. Register domain names as quickly as possible after choosing a brand name.

After completing the registration of a trademark, your domain name rights will be most stable.

In addition to domain names, you should take care of registering pages on social networks so that the page address looks in accordance with the name of your brand, and does not consist of a set of numbers, or your name, supplied with additional numbers (and this is not always a unit, since both your name and your name with the unit can be occupied by someone)

Also pay attention to the registration of the branded channel in Telegram – and in this communication channel it is necessary to indicate its presence with the correct display of the name.

The third degree of protection. Trademark Registration

Each self-respecting creative agency, before showing the results of its creativity, will definitely check if there is something similar. And you will not offer options that are already registered or present on the Internet.

How is such a test carried out?

The FIPS database (Federal Institute for Patent Property) contains all currently registered trademarks. If there is a similar one there, and even more so in your MKTU class, this option will not be offered to you. When you try to register it, you will receive a refusal.

Brand protection is created by registration of a trademark, which is regulated by the Civil Code of the Russian Federation and international conventions on copyright and related rights, to which our state has acceded.

Source – Civil Code of the Russian Federation
Sometimes there is an opinion that a brand is an underdeveloped brand. This is a wrong opinion. Trademark / trademark – legally protected designation.

Brands can exist without registering a trademark, and take great risks. Any person or organization can register a trademark and you will have to prove in court that the designation belongs to you. Or buy the rights to the trademark for a very high price.

According to the principle of operation, the codes of the MKTU (MKTIU) are comparable with the codes of OKVED (All-Russian Classification of Economic Activities).

The international classification of goods and services consists of 45 classes: from 1 to 34 classes of MKTU are goods, and from 35 to 45 classes – services. The headings of classes of the MKTU indicate in their most general terms the areas to which goods and services relate. In each class, the list of goods and services is located in alphabetical order from “a” to “z”. As additional information, the list contains explanations for each class.

You have to choose which class your future brand will belong to. You can do it yourself, but it is better to instruct patent attorneys. As a rule, you will need to select several classes.

Today, most brands have their own websites. Therefore, after the approval of naming is extremely desirable to urgently register domain names. You need to provide a second line of defense.…


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