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When asked what a corporate publication is, you can find a clear and understandable answer in Wikipedia “Corporate Media – periodicals, radio, television, video programs, Internet sites, Internet portals, or any other form of periodic dissemination of social information that serves interests of a certain company and produced on its initiative “
Each self-respecting big company, plant, department has issued and continues to issue different types of corporate publications. If earlier publications were mostly printed, then with the development of Internet technologies, they are increasingly becoming digital. Companies are actively creating their own information portals, using their own Youtube channels, podcasts, Telegram channels and other instant messengers, pages in social networks. Most advanced create mobile apps. New companies, even very small ones, can find high-quality corporate blogs.

In the current realities, it is possible to reach the target audience with all available means.

Corporate Edition. Who needs it and why?

Printed publications are traditional, require quite a long production cycle, are materialized, they can be touched, which is of particular importance for services that are not tactilely felt.

Electronic publications are more operational, with a certain strategy they can combine different distribution channels and increase the frequency and audience of coverage, they have omnichannel perspectives, not limited to the printed format.

Corporate media typically receive state registration as print or electronic media, which facilitates the protection of unique content.
Target audience and corporate media goals
Each publication has a target audience.

Internal is employees

External – clients, partners and industry professionals

Employee publications are often found in the form of a corporate newspaper, an intranet portal, and even an internal corporate blog, where employees themselves create interesting and useful content, taking part in the life of the publication with pleasure. With the development of instant messengers, the corporate edition gets the opportunity to contact its audience even faster. Intranet portals are evolving and acquiring the features of internal social networks.

The main objectives of the internal media

– formation and support of corporate ideology, when with the help of mass media corporate values, standards and behavioral patterns (in fact, the formation of corporate culture) are introduced into the consciousness of employees, as well as the formation of employee loyalty
– formation and maintenance of a reliable information field. Linear employees and management at various levels need real and reliable information about the state of affairs in the company, about the actions and plans of management, about the market situation and strategy. Reliable information is most important and vital during periods of restructuring, change of strategy, change of ownership and other transitional periods. Company employees must receive official and identical information from a single source.
– creating an atmosphere of unity and cohesion is especially important in large companies, where there are many divisions in different regions, many subsidiaries. The exchange of information, opinions, successful cases create an interesting and comfortable information environment for employees.
– increase the level of professional knowledge and abilities of the company employees. Exchange of experience, information about new technologies, successful projects and how it turned out to be implemented – the field for creating content is almost unlimited.
Thus, corporate media has four main functions.

– ideological
– information and communication
– integration
– educational (enlightenment)
Case from practice

In Comstar-United TeleSystems there were two main intra-corporate media – the tabloid newspaper “Comstar Galaxy” and the intra-corporate intranet portal.

A printed tabloid was distributed in the offices of the company, and was sent to regional branches and subsidiaries. On the pages of the newspaper one could find information about company news and technology updates, important events, interviews with management and various employees about everything – about professional achievements, about hobbies, about leisure, about children. Various competitions were also held among the children of employees, and the works of the winners were published in the publication, information about volunteer events and much more. Interesting and useful information created with the help of an outsourcing company, as well as with the enormous participation of PR and marketing.

The corporate portal has appeared since the merger of three telecommunications operators (Comstar, MTU-Inform, Telmos) into Comstar-United TeleSystems in 2004 and has since been an indispensable resource. The portal could find information about contacts and positions of all employees, birthdays, there was also a base of orders and other regulatory acts of the company, information about different departments, there was also a line of questions and answers to company executives.

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