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How to organize a tourism business

Today, your travel business is not such an unattainable dream. Every year more than a thousand new travel companies appear in our state. The attractiveness of such a business is due, first of all, to its profitability. And at the initial stage such a business does not require any special expenses.

Tour operators and travel agents: the differences
Russian legislation provides for two types of subjects of tourist activity: tour operators and travel agents. Under the tour operator activity refers to the activities associated with the formation, promotion and implementation of the tourist product, which is carried out by a legal entity. The main difference between the tour operator and travel agent is that the latter is not engaged in the formation of the tourist product.

In other words, it is tour operators who are directly involved in the creation of a tour: for this they conclude and execute various agreements with third parties. They carry out the booking of air tickets, railway and other tickets, booking and payment of hotel services, the organization of transport, excursion services, much more. Thus, tour operators form and organize the tour itself.

Note! Only a legal entity can act as a tour operator. But you can become a travel agent by registering as an individual entrepreneur.
Another important feature of the tour operator is that it determines the pricing policy and the system of discounts on certain tours. And, of course, the tour operator in every way promotes its services in the travel services market.

Tour operators can themselves engage in the implementation of their services, but they can do it in a turn of intermediaries. The last are travel agencies.

It is the tour operator who is responsible to the tourist who bought his product, regardless of whether the product was realized directly by the tour operator or through a travel agency.

The travel agency is engaged only in the fact that it implements a ready-made tourist product formed by a tour operator (on behalf of and on behalf of the tour operator). For this activity, the travel agency receives a commission. If such is provided for by the contract, the travel agency may sell tourism products on its own behalf.

So, it is much easier to register as a travel agent and conduct a travel agent activity than a tour operator. But this does not mean that the travel agent has less responsibility. In accordance with the Federal Law “On the Basics of Tourism Activities in the Russian Federation”, the condition of their mutual responsibility is a prerequisite of the contract between the travel agent and the tour operator. Mistakes made by a travel agent (for example, in the process of filling in a document) can result from a spoiled tourist’s rest, a consumer of the tour operator’s services. For such errors will have to answer to the tour operator. Therefore, at the initial stage, think about how to organize the tourism business in the most qualitative way.

Note! Since January 2007, neither the tour operator nor the travel agent activity is no longer subject to licensing. However, tour operators must have financial support for their activities, for which they conclude a liability insurance contract or receive a bank guarantee, and then apply to the Federal Agency for Tourism for inclusion in the unified register of tour operators.

So you decided to create a travel agency. With which of the tour operators to cooperate? Here you have – complete freedom of action. The main criteria for choosing a partner include:

reliability, experience in the tourism market;
prices for tourist products;
amount of commission for the travel agent;
convenience of cooperation.
Various exhibitions and conferences in the field of tourism business are held quite regularly. You can get acquainted with representatives of various tour operators and learn more about the conditions of cooperation.

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