How to open a successful restaurant
Some people think that to have your own restaurant and keep it afloat is not at all difficult, it is enough to get only a high-class chef, and the trick…

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How to organize a business for freight
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How to start working for yourself
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How to earn start-up capital on the Internet

Even those who are not planning to open their own business in the near future are thinking about this issue. By “start-up capital”, many today simply imply a certain amount of money, which would allow a start to a secured, not burdened with thoughts about their daily bread and tomorrow’s life. And only then … who knows, maybe, a brilliant business idea that requires immediate implementation will suddenly strike as a lightning strike.

About goals
Just asking yourself the question of how to earn start-up capital on the Internet, you will not earn capital. Just as continuing to work as a manager in a small company 40 hours a week. There must be an adequate goal, very clearly imagined. You may have to change jobs, the pace of life and your own worldview. Although rushing headlong into crazy projects is also not worth it – you can postpone wish fulfillment for an indefinitely long time.

About the attitude to money
Start keeping records of income and expenses. Salary exists in order to spend it – this is what most people in our country think. And she takes it to shops, entertainment venues and travel agencies, complaining that there is never a lot of money. Did you know that even with existing income, you can save money and save money? How? It’s very simple: don’t spend just one-tenth of the earnings, put it off on a monthly basis – and in a year it will be quite a decent amount. Learn to keep track of your income and expenses. To eradicate at least part of the bad habits that make us dependent spenders. The deferred amount is not turned into dead weight, which can also suddenly depreciate, but make the money work by investing in various financial instruments. Get out of your “comfort zone” and see life around in all its mutable diversity.

How long have you walked to the nearest store? Most likely, you prefer to make your way everywhere by car, even if you have to stand in traffic jams. And here in vain. It may be worthwhile to calculate how much is spent monthly on gasoline, maintenance, washing and parking, and then at least partially abandon the senseless expenses.

And how long have you been admiring the local beauty in the summer – a wonderful river where the most diverse fish lives, fragrant forest with strawberry glades and mushroom abundance … Maybe it is time to pay attention to the native nature. Indeed, in addition to the aesthetic pleasure and health benefits of such a vacation will also bring significant cost savings.

And do you really need a plasma TV, an iPhone of the latest model (like a workmate) and a new mink coat at the moment? Moreover, all this magnificence you are going to take on credit. And drive yourself into debt for a decent time.

Do I need to talk about too expensive housing, which can be exchanged for cheaper or rented, thereby obtaining a passive source of additional income. And about many things, many other things that make us live beyond our means, on a grand scale, taking away from us some other opportunities – the possibilities of reaching a new level of consciousness and our own self-realization.

And what can you do?
And what else can you do besides the work for which you get money? This is the next question that you need to answer yourself honestly and directly. If there are no more special talents, and, consequently, the potential for additional income, try to just listen to yourself. Perhaps your inclinations and preferences will tell you in which direction to move on to develop them. And finally turn into income.

Maybe you draw well. Then the path of a highly paid designer may have been waiting for you for a long time. Or you are excellent, on an intuitive level, speak Russian – you are creative, literate by nature. The Internet and many different editions really need copywriters, masters of the burning selling words. And they will be ready to pay you any money and wait for your text as long as you want. If only you agreed to take their order.

Copywriter is one of the popular Internet professions.

And the ability to work with photography, animation, video and photo processing in general will make you an invaluable employee. Especially if you are also interested in a little of everything – from web design to traffic arbitration. Indeed, in this case, you practically own a fashionable and now well-paid web profession “Internet Project Manager”.

Study, study, study
And this is only a scanty part of the sphere of Internet technologies, where you can apply your strength for free. And make a start for the realization of his dream of starting capital.

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