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How to increase the turnover in the store

Goods turnover is the volume of sales for a certain period in monetary terms. Recently, the decline in turnover has become a problem for many entrepreneurs. The fact is that the range of goods in the shops of the same sphere is almost the same. Of course, any store owner would like his turnover to be higher. Let’s try to figure out how to increase the turnover in the store.

Let’s try to start to figure out what affects the turnover. And then see what can be changed.

Changes in legislation, actions of state bodies, changes in the economic situation in the country. In other words, this is something that does not depend on the will of the entrepreneur. Consequently, such factors cannot be influenced in any way, but it is possible to adapt to them.
Store location. As a rule, few of the store owners often change its location. But we can note this factor as a factor that we can conditionally influence.
The range of products. Today, an increase in turnover through the expansion of the range seems impossible in most areas of trade. Indeed, as noted above, the range is almost the same in competing stores.
Price policy. Low prices may attract customers, but you need to remember that this does not add too much profit to the store.
Promotions and special offers. They, again, spend almost all the shops. It means that it will not be possible to greatly influence the turnover through them.
So, even affecting some of these factors, it is hardly possible to greatly increase the turnover in the store. By influencing these factors, we have a rational impact on the consumer. But there are other means of influence, namely emotional.

Such an impact is aimed at stimulating the consumer unconscious, irrational motives to buy. Here are some unconscious motives that customers have (applicable to both supermarkets and regular stores):
appearance and type of commercial equipment;
convenient location of commercial equipment, and, as a result, rational distribution of customer flows;
display of goods on the shelves;
navigation signs;
advertising in the store;
cleanliness of the room and the restroom (if available in the store).
Thus, the appearance of the hall and the convenience of using this or that store most affect the customer.

Little about merchandising
Merchandising is the actions carried out in the sales area and aimed at promoting the goods. The purpose of merchandising is to make the consumer want to buy goods. Merchandising involves, among other things, certain ways of displaying goods.

At first glance, there is little sense from merchandising: well, what can the rearrangement of goods on the shelves change? But why then do all large retail chains use merchandising?

Few buyers come to the store, knowing exactly what he needs to buy. Products are mainly purchased as a result of a long look at the shop windows.

For example, a customer came to a clothing store for a blouse. For what exactly – she does not know yet. Suppose she chose the right product. But, having seen a skirt ideally suited to a blouse, she decides to buy one more.

The same thing happens in grocery stores, and in many others. And all as a result of a competent approach to the display of goods.

Note! For some reason, many people think that they cannot afford the services of a professional merchandiser. This is not true. Consultation with a merchandiser from a specialized company is not that expensive. In addition, you can hire a private merchandiser, and it will be cheaper. In any case, the costs will be justified.
Useful recommendations
Useful recommendations Always use the display of goods around the box office. This increases the chance that the consumer will make an impulsive purchase.

If we are talking about a clothing store and accessories, it is undesirable that the accessories are hidden under a glass display case. Having examined the thing closer, without obstacles, having tried it on the image, the consumer can buy it too.

The product, located at the level of the human eye, sells better. That is why you should not lay out popular products on the lower shelves. It is better to put there something bright and large.

Remember that friendly staff, bright and clean room, friendly atmosphere – your best friends in solving the problem of how to increase the turnover in the store.

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