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How to open your online store

The e-commerce market in Russia is booming. The number of Internet users and, consequently, potential buyers of online stores is growing exponentially.

Due to objective reasons (an underdeveloped logistics system, service, etc.), the competition between existing domestic online stores is small, and the margin (profitability of sales, net profit), respectively, is very good.At the same time, Western businessmen no longer set themselves the goal of earning from the very first sale, at the first touch of a client. They want to get a buyer as cheap as possible. And then work with him, build relationships, using the entire available arsenal of marketing tools – a blog, newsletter, social networks, etc.

Opening an online store in Russia is now easier than it will be in the future. This interesting and cost-effective business attracts the attention of a large number of beginners and already experienced entrepreneurs. To figure out how to open your online store, you must act and act as quickly as possible.

How much is it?
If you are not a large company with a good budget, but just an ordinary person who has set himself the goal of leaving the employer, changing his line of business, or just doing an interesting business, about $ 200 is enough. This includes the costs of contextual advertising, infrastructure (Internet connection, telephone, office) and, possibly, payment for an online store platform. Variations are possible: for someone it may turn out with a lot, for someone – with a smaller initial capital.

Preparatory stage

It is a crucial step in determining the effectiveness of a potential business and its very existence in the future. It will depend on thoroughness of preparation whether a business will become a favorite thing that brings not only money, but also pleasure.

The preparation stage contains:

definition of own business model and study of available resources;
niche choice (including marketing research, analysis of competitors in the niche);
niche testing;
determining the circle of suppliers and the selection of the commodity matrix (a list of all commodity items);
niche study, definition of the target audience;
compilation of UTP (unique trade offer);
drawing up a step-by-step financial plan and work plan.
The classic way to assess the demand for a niche product and competition is to look at the statistics of requests for key phrases in the Yandex service ( If there is a mass of commercial ads on demand, then there will be a lot of competition.

On the other hand, the share of target visitors, as well as real sales, as a result of such high-frequency transitions can be very small. Someone can just search for pricing information or instructions for use. Specifying the request, you will receive the amount, possibly an order of magnitude lower. But it will be the statistics of the real requests of your target visitors. If there are at least 1000-2000 per month, then there will definitely be a demand for your niche product.

Contextual advertising is the fastest way to get traffic at the start. The Yandex.Direct Budget Forecast service allows you to calculate the estimated cost of an advertising campaign. By selecting the region of display ads, keywords and heading, the service will calculate your monthly budget. It will be the result of multiplying the predicted average cost per click, the CTR (clickability) and the estimated number of impressions per month.

The average cost of a click on a keyword is an indicative value. If it approaches 1 in. – the niche is very competitive, and it will be difficult to get through with a small budget. Ideally, you need to strive for value from 1 to 20-30 cents. It should immediately be noted that the advertiser can influence directly or indirectly on each of the budget components. At the expense of what the real advertising campaign is much cheaper.

Choosing a niche, you have to switch your mind from domestic to commercial. Pay close attention to advertising, celebrate for themselves some of its features in order to then apply them to their own purposes. Sites of competitors should also be subject to the closest consideration. We take at least 10 competitor sites to compare prices, design, promotions, “chips”, etc.

It should be understood that at the initial stage you will have to invest in an advertising campaign. Unless, of course, niche businesses are, for example, rare gadgets or products that are interesting to a very narrow target audience. In this case, perhaps, it would be sufficient to post information on social networks, on thematic blogs, forums. Such non-cost testing of the product in case of success will allow it to further expand the business according to the classical scheme – with the opening of its online store, the development of infrastructure, etc.

Even at the stage of choosing a niche, many people think about the technical side of the business.

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