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How to open a jewelry store
Costume jewelry is not a commodity of first necessity, therefore, at first glance, selling it is not very profitable. But if you take a closer look at this business, it…

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How to open a jewelry store

Costume jewelry is not a commodity of first necessity, therefore, at first glance, selling it is not very profitable. But if you take a closer look at this business, it turns out that this is not at all the case.

The main customers of the jewelry store are young girls who pursue beauty and fashion. If the store has a beautiful product, they will buy it, even if your prices are above average. Learn how to open a jewelry store, and you will find that it is easy to do, and profits will not take long.

What is the attractiveness of the business
Shop jewelry as a business will suit even young inexperienced entrepreneurs. After all, the procurement of goods can be easily engaged independently no special equipment, special knowledge, or specially qualified personnel are required.

Due to the fact that jewelry is a small-sized product, it does not require large areas for its implementation, a lot of commercial equipment. So, there will be small rental costs for this equipment.

The business process itself is simple: purchased the goods, put in the sales room, sold. They paid taxes and made other necessary expenses.

A large choice of suppliers (mainly from China) is also a plus of this business. Chinese goods today do not mean poor quality goods and ugly. But it still remains very cheap. The markup on the product can be up to 500 percent.

About competitors
The difficulty that will have to face when organizing this business is a lot of competitors. Today, jewelry is sold everywhere: in tents on the street, in the subway, in shopping centers and ordinary stores. But this does not mean that you will not find your client.

Jewelery is not the business where to attract customers you need serious advertising such as stretch marks on the streets, advertising on TV or radio. Your advertising is your product, due to the specifics of the clientele. Therefore, you will find customers if you pay enough attention to the quality, beauty of the product and its uniqueness.

Your first steps on the way to opening your own jewelry store is to study the market. However, as with the organization of almost any type of business. But here it is important to explore the range of competitors. Your task is to find your niche.

As sought-after, you can definitely name youth jewelry, hair ornaments. But you have to explore the needs of buyers in your locality. Or order a special marketing research from experts.

Choosing a supplier and product range
Perhaps this is the most difficult stage when opening a jewelry store. But after all the profitability of your business depends on it.

Here there is a choice between Russian and foreign suppliers.

Plus, the Russian suppliers that you can yourself assess the quality of products, hold them in your hands and make the selection of the necessary goods. The downside is that prices will surely be higher than those of the same Chinese. In addition, you should not hope for cooperation with the direct manufacturer, as it is not profitable for him to work with small wholesalers. Therefore, you will most likely deal with intermediaries, who also make their markup.

Foreign, in particular, Chinese goods (and if your business is aimed at mass consumption of young people, it makes no sense to buy another), it is cheap. And the best option is to carry it from China on your own. But this requires some knowledge, money and time.

Goods can be ordered from abroad via the Internet. The disadvantage of this method is that the real product may differ from the picture.

Note! We would advise you to try to go to China on your own, to study the assortment of a particular supplier, and if you are satisfied with everything, order goods from him later via the Internet. In case of defective items, it will always be possible to negotiate a return.
Storeroom, equipment and staff
For the type of business under consideration, the size of the area is not very important. Look at the jewelry stores in your city – you will see that their area is usually small.

Ideal for jewelry store – shopping center. Often you can see that the display cases with jewelry are right in the corridors of shopping centers. But we would advise you to rent a separate room inside the shopping center, with its own entrance.

It is necessary that the product was convenient to consider. Shops in which there are no special shelves or glass display cases are gaining more and more popularity. But they have stands with “hooks” for jewelry. It saves space, speeds up the viewing of the range by customers. There are, however, an unpleasant drawback of such peculiar windows – the probability of theft of goods is high

An example of placing a jewelry store

Theft of goods can be prevented with the help of the security system. But for this, it is necessary to glue special stickers on each item and purchase special equipment (it is not that expensive – you can buy it for 30 thousand rubles).

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