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How to make money on traffic arbitration

Traffic arbitration is a type of online business. Many are interested in how to make money on traffic arbitration. The essence of such earnings is the purchase and resale of purchased traffic at a cost higher than the initial one. In other words, this process can be called speculation. We find where the traffic is cheaper, we buy, then we sell on another site more expensive. The difference between the two costs is profit.

In theory, everything is quite easy. But if it is practiced, the situation is more complicated. People, deciding to do this, do not learn and do not read the relevant literature. Their dream is to earn money as quickly as possible without investing their own funds.

The outbid process is simple but painstaking enough, this occupation is not for everyone. Daily routine kills the interest of young professionals in the early stages. You need to know that without the right approach and the introduction of their own tactics, no business will not grow.

Types of arbitration
In practice, there are several types of arbitration:

Direct arbitration. Differs in the fact that the purchased traffic goes directly into a partnership.
Using another resource. Many people ask, is it possible to acquire traffic without its own resource? You can open a business without your site. Traffic is bought on a special lining, with which the visitor subsequently follows the link to the affiliate platform.
Using the resource together with the registration in the electronic system. In other words, the visitor is required to register via the link and provide information about the email. The advantage of this method is that you get a database of addresses to which you will further send letters containing information about your business.
Considering traffic as work, there are several main components:

Finding the source of traffic and the acquisition process.
Constant control.
Conversion on the offer, which you must find.
Acquiring traffic is a laborious process. Asking the question of buying traffic without investment, you need to remember that most of the work will have to take over. Free traffic is all bulletin boards, themed sites. Finding such resources is a tedious job, and administering a topic is painstaking. With a serious attitude, this kind of business gives a good result. And if you do not have the capital that you can invest, then this kind of only one for you.

Own website allows you to earn decent money, if you have sufficient attendance. If you place a link or banner there, it will attract additional profits. But it should be borne in mind that it is better to post links of similar subjects, otherwise subscribers and visitors can leave the resource.

The system of contextual advertising allows you to get the maximum income. The system is considered thematic traffic of improved quality. The most common resources are Bugun, Yandex.Direct.

Social network traffic. It’s no secret that already more than half of Russians are sitting in various social networks, such as VKontakte, Facebook, Odnoklassniki. Working here is much easier. It is enough to go to a special site where you can buy advertising in a group or directly contact the creator of the community.

Banner networks – the most popular type of investment, but the most expensive. During the crisis, the popularity of this product fell, people do not have sufficient funds to buy such advertising. Earlier it was possible to purchase advertising in and BodyClick. Now businessmen save on such products and pay attention to more budget options.

Traffic Exchange is an affordable product for everyone. Its cost is the lowest in the market of services, but the quality is appropriate. According to statistics, on average, prices – $ 5 per 1,000 visitors. We can distinguish exchanges: Wizard Traffstock, KupiTraf, Popunder.

Teaser network It is considered the cheapest cheat low-quality traffic. In other words, these are resources that provide affiliate program for the purchase and sale of teaser ads. Most of all, the entertainment traffic is presented here, as it is most often used by young people. At the moment, this method is in high demand among all businessmen in the network.

Teaser networks – what is it and how to work with them
The first thing you need to get acquainted with a lot of literature and reviews on the Internet. In the expanses of the network, teaser networks appeared long ago, which helped interested users to familiarize themselves with them. Accordingly, they already know all aspects of the business and can tell where to start. All this is stipulated in the reviews.
To get started, you need to create several teasers. Create text, insert the link and company logo there. Register on the site, set up a company.
Next you need to get acquainted with the sites that it offers. Find out from the offer, if any, all the limitations. After that, set targeting.

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